About our web site

China is a huge market for environmental protection industry. In the next few years, China's environmental protection industry will face unprecedented development opportunities and become a new growth point of China's national economy. It is estimated that about 700 billion Yuan (90 billion USD), or 1.3 percent of the GDP, will be put into the country's environment sector between 2001-2005. China has opened her door to the outsider and need technology, products and services from all over the world to better protect her environment.

As the environmental industry and market continues to grow in China, the need for a single comprehensive information resource for this industry  -- available throughout the China and the world -- has become more and more pressing. China Environmental Industry Network (CEIN) addresses this need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

For Chinese environmental companies, we help you to know the world market and lead you to the world. For companies who want to do business with China, we provide a perfect place for you to expose yours company and products to Chinese customers.

The CEIN site is designed to provide many functionality and more flexibility to our users.   Once obtained an account from the site, users can perform many tasks, such as registering companies, posting ads and other market info to the web site. User can update, manipulate and delete their company profile or posting later as they wish. The data source of the web site is user provided, meaning that the data are entered by the users directly from their computer from their place at any time. This web is friendly to use and flexible for user's needs.  All information entered into the site by users will go into a powerful database and can be searched and sorted at ease. The best of all, it is free to list companies and other info, and search for Chinese related info once registered to the site.  CEIN also offers a range of marketing services, from banner ads, product showroom to web site hosting and design.

For industry suppliers, CEIN represents the ultimate opportunity to reach and influence your serious customers. Never before has it been so easy to capture the environmental manufacturing market with such accuracy. CEIN delivers the perfect demographic market for vendors of environmental related equipment, software, products and services.

The CEIN site is designed, maintained and managed by a group of environmental professionals with experience, knowledge and dedication. With our international background, we are the specialist who are able to bridge the gap between the cultures of the East and West, helping to minimize the differences and achieve mutual understanding and benefit. We hope you are satisfied after using the site and visit us often.