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Natural citrus cleaner, degreaser, descaler


Environmental Chemicals & Lubricants Co.


cleaner, degreaser, descaler, declogger


All Natural Citrus Cleaner
../../../images/180_1.jpg An economical yet concentrated 100% environmentally
safe natural citrus cleaner, degreaser, descaler, and
declogger. Contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated
solvents, and is completely biodegradable. When used as
directed this concentrated formula is safe to use on all
metals, machinery, tools, floors, printing presses, and any
other application where complete cleaning & degreasing is

For Use on:
Carpets, Ceramic Tiles, Appliances, Concrete, Laundry, Tools, Dumpsters,
All Metals, Grease Traps, Machinery, Fiberglass, Printing Presses.

Directions for Use:
For General Cleaning and Deodorizing: Dilute 4 ounces of
concentrate per gallon of warm water. Sponge or spray onto surface and
allow to stand a few moments. Wipe clean with a clean cloth or sponge.
For Machinery, Engines, Rubber Burns, and Heavy
Industrial Cleaning: Dilute concentrate 32 ounces per gallon of warm
water. Mop, spray, or sponge onto surface and allow to stand at least 5
minutes. Scrub or brush thoroughly and rinse with clean water.
For Grease Traps: Add 16 ounces weekly to all drain openings and
allow to stand for at least 10 minutes before flushing.
For Toilets, Sinks, Urinals, Showerstalls, Bathtubs, Chrome
Fixtures, and Ceramic Tiles: Dilute 4 to ounces onto surface and
allow to stand a few moments. Rinse away all soap film and scale.
For Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, and Fabrics: Dilute 16 ounces
of concentrate per gallon of warm water. Apply with a sprayer or clean
cloth. Gently work out gum, tar, grease, oil, etc... Do Not Overwet.
For Odor Control Around Dumpsters, Garbage Disposals,
Septic Tanks, Sewage Plants, Kennels, Etc... : Dilute 8 ounces
of concentrate per gallon of water. Spray or mop onto area to be treated
and allow to stand. Around sewage treatment plants apply by the drip
method or fogging.