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Falcon 206
../../../images/212_1.jpg The Falcon 206 is a revolutionary Personal Handheld IAQ Monitor

Ideal for testing and monitoring the air quality in schools, offices,
meeting rooms, or just about anywhere that poor air quality affects
overall work performance.

Ventilation concerns are quickly and easily addressed using the YES-206.
This accurate and durable unit is frequently used by property managers,
industrial hygienists, health and safety personnel, or anyone who is
concerned about the quality of the air they breathe.
Frequent Falcon Applications

Comply with standards set for IAQ control in the workplace.

Proactively monitor ventilation rates, prior to IAQ complaints.

Assess and Investigate ventilation and heat recovery ventilator upgrades.

Measure air fluctuation rates using CO2 as a tracer gas.

Provide regular maintenance and service to HVAC systems.