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Address:   Longxi, Yubei District, Chongqing China
    Chongqing, Chongqing 400040
Phone:   0086-13617652211
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FRANK ZAN, Manager


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Total employee:   11 - 50
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SUN FAITH ENGINEERING LIMITED mainly serves enterprises of the lines such as petrochemical, chemical engineering and metallurgy, by providing atmospheric&vacuum distillation equipments, tanks, heating furnaces, heat exchangers, hydrogenation units, used oil recycling equipment such as column type vacuum distillation unit with furfural rectification, short path molecular evaporation waste oil regeneration unit, vessel type used motor oil reclaiming system, as well as engineering consulting and other related equipment.

SUN FAITH ENGINEERING LIMITED is combined of scientific research, engineering design, EPC, technical service, product development and manufacturing. It has experienced installation staffs and technicians they¡¯re capable of completing the first grade projects, providing the best quality industrial equipment and consulting service especially in the field of petrochemical industry.

The company able to supply basic materials and equipment such as tanks, atmospheric distillation towers, vacuum distillation towers, industrial heating furnace, de-waxing unit, viscosity breaking unit, cooling towers, heat exchangers, mechanical pumps, pipelines, water treatment units, boilers, asphalt oxidation towers, full set petro-chemical laboratory testing facilities etc., and provide technical supervision or installation of such equipments. The company also able to provide technology and EPC service for projects with hydro-refining from petrol and diesel oil, catalytic reforming, hydro upgrading from diesel oil, hydrogenation from wax oil and coal tar, selective hydrogenation from catalytic gasoline, gas fractionation, MTBE and methanol synthesis, waste industrial oil re-refining.

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