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Cathy Huang, Sales Manager


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Total employee:   501 - 1,000
Total revenue:   $500 million
Contact Person: Cathy Huang
Email: hlrcatherine@yahoo.com or hlrcatherine@gmail.com, oilpurifier.cathy@zhongnengcq.cn
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With over ten years efforts, we have developed 7 series, more than 100 different models for applying in many fields to purify their waste/ used industrial oils, including lubricant oil/hydraulic oil, inslating oil/transformer oil, turbine oil, fuel/diesel/gasoline oil, engine oil etc. Base on our reliable quality, competitive price and nice service, our product have been exported to many countries like USA, CANADA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AND MOST OF ASIAN COUNTRIES, and gain very good reputation from them.

We early expecting cooperate with those esteemed companies to develop their local market together, and to reach a both-win coperation in future.

If you are interested in our oil purifiers, please feel free to contact us, and let us know your detailed requirement, we will do our best to provide you the most suitable solutions.

Product list:

1: Insulating oil purifier
Series ZY: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil purifier
Series ZY-A: Zhongneng Vacuum insulation oil automation purifier
Series ZY-R: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier
Series ZYD: Zhongneng Double-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier
Series ZYD-A: Zhongneng double-stage vacuum insulation oil automation purifier
Series ZYD-I: Zhongneng double-stage vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier
Series ZYD-M: hongneng Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purification Plant, Oil Recycling

2: Turbine oil purifier
Series TY: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil purifier
Series TY-R: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil regeneration purifier
Series TY-A: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil automation purifier

3: Lubricating oil purifier
Series TYA: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil purifier
Series TYC: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier

4: Engine oil purifier
Series LYE: Zhongneng vacuum engine oil purifier

5: Special application oil purifier
Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier Series TYB
Transformer oil regeneration device Series BZ
Muti-Functional oil purifying machine Series ZYB
Phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier Series TYA-I
Oil purifier specially for Hydraulic oil and Lubricating oil Series TYA:
PL Plate pressure oil purifier
JL Portable oil purifying
TYD Water oil separator, oil purifier machine
Automatic testing oil machine

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Data entry by Cathy Huang (hlrcatherine@yahoo.com)
First entry on 4/5/2010, last update on 4/5/2010