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Address:   guangding china
    gunagzhou, Guangdong 510521
Phone:   86-020-37215452
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Brief Summary

Total employee:   1 - 10
Total revenue:   $12 million
Pubset English & Chinese World Translating Services Co. Ltd.
Pubset was established in January 15th 1999 in Guangzhou Tianhe District with the capital of RMB120£¬000.
Basing on your credit, Pubset company presents to the wide world translating services and appears to have FAST and HIGH qualities characteristics.
There is a reason that Pubset is the premier choice of the world¡¯s translating services. It is constituted by China¡¯s most qualified professional translators, and preferred by those who want to start their investment in China and those who have ambitions to implement their commercial activities abroad.
Its customers include ongoing organizations in world¡¯s industrial, educational, judicial, governmental and commercial fields¡ªpeople who have tremendous influence over the ambitions of world¡¯s investment.
Pubset is the place that optimizes your chances of breaking into the world market and expanding your business round the world.
How does it work
No matter who you are, an internal investor, an external economist or even a visitor, you will have the right to share our resources¡ªour knowledge and national language.
1) Dispatching translator.
If you want to make a speech, join in a negotiation, or make a purchase and other commercial activities. Puset is ready to send you a translator who is well qualified, who is quick-minded and efficient.
You can send relevant mail that outlines what your activities will be and when and where your activities will take place to both the following addresses: or Moreover, do not forget to mention our income you will be about to give us in terms of the dimension of the activities. We will send a confirming mail to you as soon as possible.
2) Translating document via emails.
You can send the relevant mails which related to educational, judicial, industrial, governmental and commercial fields to or that both are always ready to serve during our work time. You will receive the correspondent editions in English or Chinese as soon as possible.
Price list
We will tell you actually how much you will be charged in our confirming mail when we dispatch our staff. Moreover, the price of our email business is as following:
Types Price
Translate into Chinese RMB200/1000 letters or the equivalence value of other currency
Translate into English RMB300/1000 words or the equivalence value of other currency

How to contact
Please send your mails right to or .
How to pay
Please have your account debited to our account at 477621401880242537 at local BANK OF CHINA, or through Internet

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