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Address:   Complant Group Twr., Rm. 1307
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    Dongcheng District , Beijing 100011
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"The secret to painless plotting is the simple combination of exceptional products and dedicated people. At SDI, we are fortunate enough to have both. With a total commitment to providing the best products possible and the most comprehensive service program in the industry, we guarantee to our clients that every project we undertake will be painless plotting personified." - Forrest Carpenter, President of System Development, Inc.

25 Years Experience
The people at SDI have been supplying state of the art Seismic and Graphics plotting products for over 25 years. This unparalleled experience and track record provides the foundation upon which SDI builds better products and delivers superior customer service.
Products That Work
SDI has developed a broad range of products to satisfy the data display needs of the geophysical industry. These products include CGM, CGM+ and CGM*PIP Metafile generation libraries that allow the graphics application programmer to easily create ISO/ANSI compliant Computer Graphics Metafiles.

To augment the debug of application software during development, SDI offers CGM, CGM+ and CGM*PIP screen previewing software SDI_VIEW, available for UNIX (MOTIF) and PC (Windows 95/98/NT). SDI_VIEW can also be used to preview Metafiles in a production environment before committing the files to hardcopy format.

Building on the success of its preview software, SDI developed the industry-leading CGM, CGM+ and CGM*PIP screen montage and edit package SDI_MONTAGE, which is also available for UNIX and PC. Extensive features help the user compose and/or edit complex Metafiles prior to plotting.

Although the paperless office may be just around the corner, accurate hardcopy plots are still relied on to facilitate the interpretation of large volumes of data. To satisfy this need, SDI provides SDI_RAST, a CGM, CGM+ and CGM*PIP Metafile interpreter and renderer that is accepted as the industry's most efficient raster engine.
Network Print/Plot Solutions
SDI ties all these data display tools together with SDI-SERV, SDI's Network Plot Server. Any node on your network can easily select and send Metafiles to the Print Server for processing and plotting. Each user can obtain status of their own jobs while operations personnel can modify job priorities and reassign queues to allow for plotter servicing or cancellation.

In addition to the various CGM formats, SDI also provides converters that handle most of the other popular Metafile and raster image formats, such as HPGL, VRF, PostScript, TIFF, XWD, VDS, CCRF and Scitex.

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