Environmental Chemicals & Lubricants Co.

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Address:   3606 NICHOLAS ST. SUITE 271
    EASTON, PA 18045-5170
    United States
Phone:   (800) 784-6051
Fax:   (610) 923-6493
Email:   sales@envirocl.com
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Sales, Sales


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Environmental Chemicals & Lubricants Co.

As your industry enters the next century, take advantage of our approved product formulations and make your maintenance programs environmentally friendly. Ever increasing regulations by the governments have Maintenance Programs scrambling for alternatives. The hazardous chemicals once used either are no longer available or are very expensive to use. While these products performed a function, they were also causing a great deal of harm to our precious Earth.

Our company was developed with the knowledge that government restrictions were eminent. It was at that time we decided to change our formulas and started developing products that are safe and user friendly.

As your industry heads into the next millennium, let our product specialists evaluate your maintenance program and give you the Environmental Solutions that ultimately you will need.
Product show:
Natural citrus cleaner, degreaser, descaler

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