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Floating Valve Sampler/Bailer


Poseidon Environmental Services, Inc.,


sampler, bailer


10022_product.jpg (16668 bytes) Used for Landfills, Leachate, Monitoring Wells, Petroleum Industry and
for sampling above ground fuel storage tanks... the Floating Valve
Sampler may be used either to obtain core samples from deep vessels
such as tanker trucks, rail cars and clarifiers, or a shorter version may be
attached to a cord and used as a bailer

Components - Valve assembly is constructed of a threaded PVC
connector with machined delrin valve components. These delrin valve
components are tapered to form a tight fit when in the closed position,
with a Viton "O" ring attached for a good seal. All valve components are
in this assemble which leaves the pipe clear of any parts for easy cleaning,
pipe replacement, etc. The valve may be easily disassembled for
decontamination. A 1/4" stainless steel rod is used as a valve opening
stop. Standard pipe utilized is a 1" schedule gray PVC pipe with outer
threads on lower end to accept the valve assembly. This pipe is available
in a variety of lengths or may be custom fit.

Operation - As the sampler is lowered into the liquid, the valve
automatically opens by the inner valve component floating up against the
stainless steel retainer rod. Liquid flows into the sampler as it descends
into the container. Once motion is reversed, either at container bottom or
desired depth, valve automatically closes by settling down into seat with
the Viton "O" ring forming a tight seal. Weight of the liquid column
maintains the tight seal. This operation provides a core sample of the
container. If a short pipe is utilized for a bailer, the liquid enters through
the valve, up through the pipe and out the top. Sample acquired would
then be from the specific depth at which sampler's downward motion was
stopped. To empty the sampler, either stand upright in a bucket or
sample bottle and valve will automatically be opened, or simply push up
on valve plunger to allow contents to empty.

Pipe Options - Pipe options include a calibrated scale being
engraved directly into the pipe exterior if depth control is necessary.
Clear pipe as shown in attached position in photograph below, is also
available with or without calibrations. The clear pipe would allow the user
to virtually identify specific stratification's which may be in the sampler,
indicative of the tank contents.

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Indoor Air Quality Instruments


Young Environmental Systems, Inc.


monitoring, instruments,


Falcon 206
10022_product.jpg (16668 bytes) The Falcon 206 is a revolutionary Personal Handheld IAQ Monitor

Ideal for testing and monitoring the air quality in schools, offices,
meeting rooms, or just about anywhere that poor air quality affects
overall work performance.

Ventilation concerns are quickly and easily addressed using the YES-206.
This accurate and durable unit is frequently used by property managers,
industrial hygienists, health and safety personnel, or anyone who is
concerned about the quality of the air they breathe.
Frequent Falcon Applications

Comply with standards set for IAQ control in the workplace.

Proactively monitor ventilation rates, prior to IAQ complaints.

Assess and Investigate ventilation and heat recovery ventilator upgrades.

Measure air fluctuation rates using CO2 as a tracer gas.

Provide regular maintenance and service to HVAC systems.

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