YSL-01 Mining Intrinsic Safety Type Video Recording Instrument (Portab

Posted on 11/24/2012

by Colin Zhang (colin4427zlm@163.com) in Chongqing ,China 

Mining Sound and Image Recording Instrument (Mining Intrinsic Safety Type Video Recording Instrument) applies to record the sound and video image underground. The instrument, mainly used for underground hidden risk checking, production dispatching and commanding, emergency rescuing, etc is the only intrinsic safety type video recording instrument approved by MA center and available to be used underground in China. It adopts one key operation to compress the digital sound and video. The information could be brought to surface, connected to computer or TV through the synchro-wire for data collection, analysis and treatment, and replay the recording.

1, Functions are practicable, and easy to operate
2. Small size and portable
3. Designed and produced refer to USA military standard
4. Digital compression, good quality sound and image
5. Only portable video recording instrument approved by MA center
6. 5million pixel high and clear infrared lens plus snake-eye pinhole lens
7. Meet the underground industrial safety standard and all requirement.
8. Big size high and clear display screen, big capability mining explosion-proof lithium battery for safety
9. Adapt to dark environment, work luminance: 0.1LUX
10. High strength engineering plastic, shake proof, crash proof, and water proof (IPX54)
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