Fuel Oil, Light Lubricating Oil £¶Vegetable Oil Purifier

Posted on 9/28/2010

by Ayla Wei (aylawei2010@hotmail.com) in Chongqing ,China 

ZJD-F Fuel Oil, Light Lubricating Oil £¶Vegetable Oil Purifier

It is mainly used in the moisture heavy fuel oil, the clean oil and so on.

1. High efficient dehydration. It is made of special oil and liquid filter, whose dehydrated efficiency is 25 times more than other oil filter.
2. No heating up. It has guaranteed completely that the chemical additive in the oil does not decompose and deteriorate.
3. Simple operation. It can work automatically online to drain water.
4. Man-machine operation separately.
5. The movement cost is low. Its cost is 50 percent lower than the vacuum oil filter, centrifuge, board frame pressure filter and so on,

The machine is the combination of the secondary filter, the highly effective demulsification and the dehydration, which enables the equipment remove the massive moisture contents without heating up. It is novel in design and simple to operate. The speed of the dehydration is second to none in China. It can sharply separate oil with half oil and half water to make the cleanliness possible to reach at NAS 6.

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