Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Posted on 9/28/2010

by Ayla Wei (aylawei2010@hotmail.com) in Chongqing ,China 

Lubrication Oil Filtering System/Hydraulic oil purifier (ZJD)

The machine is widely suitable for electric power, metallurgy, mine, machinery, chemical industry, transportation, manufacture and food industry etc. and it is particularly used to recover and regenerate all kinds of high precision lubricating oil, including unqualified hydraulic oil, refrigerator oil, pressure dissolving machine oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil anti-rubbing hydraulic oil and so on. This machine with seal, cover, window, you can install it outdoor.

1. Effectively remove the iron, flake, dust, impurities, water and organic substance from the inferior oil. Moreover, it can eliminate organic and inorganic acid to recover the performance of lubricant oil.
2. Strong demulsifying capability, which could easy to separate the massive moisture contents, also easy to get rid of the little tiny water from oil.
3. Adopt high precision and stainless steel FH rectangle filtration system that import from Japan.
4. Utilize Tongrui¡¯s own invented technology of H, P, M macromolecule material, which can reduce 1 or 2 color code of oil, and especially fit to high viscosity lubricant oil, freezing machine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil etc.

Superiority: The lubricant oil has lower demulsifying value, less water content and high precision impurities after treating so that it definitely can be used in high precision and hydraulic device.

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