Overseas Chinese Earth Science and Technology Association

Posted on 7/6/1999

by I-Ming Chou (imchou@usgs.gov) in VA,United States 

About OCESTA (www.geochina.org)

1. OCESTA (Overseas Chinese Earth Science and Technology
Association) is a temporary name for a non-political, non-profit
organization, which combines two existing Associations; one is
NACESA (North America Chinese Earth Scientists Association) and
the other NACGA (North America Chinese Geologists Association).

2. The purposes, membership and organization of OCESTA are stated
in its Constitution, which is temporarily adopted from that of
NACESA, and its revisions will soon be made by a committee chaired
by Dr. Chen-Lin Chou.

3. To join OCESTA, simply fill out and submit the online
registration form at (www.geochina.org). No membership fee is required at this time.