Water Filtration Systems

Posted on 9/21/1999

by Jenny Wilson (environmentalsolutions@yahoo.c) in CA,United States 

Take control of the quality of water you drink, cook with and bathe in with filtration systems tested and certified by NSF International. We offer several varieties of filters made out of ABS food grade plastics and assembled with ultrasonic welding, not glues and solvents. Three stages of carbon filtration for maximum media contact with a controlled flow rate and 3 year pro rata warranty.

Equi-Sport Portable System (100 gallon capacity): $30
EQ-1 Traveler System (1,000 gallon capacity): $50
EQ-10 Countertop System (5,000 gallon capacity): $220
EQ-10 Undercounter System (5,000 gallon capacity): $250
EQ-300 Whole House System (300,000 gal. capacity): $1145

**Prices do not reflect tax and shipping