New 3M™ Light Water™ ATC™3 Firefighting Foam: Tougher on Fires

Posted on 9/12/1999

by Liz Song ( in MN,United States 

January 1998 – 3M has introduced a new firefighting foam that extinguishes dangerous flammable liquid fires better than conventional foams, is easy to use and offers positive environmental attributes.

For more than 30 years, 3M™ Light Water™ foams have been used worldwide to extinguish fires involving gasoline, fuel oil, alcohols and other flammable liquid hazards.

This new generation of Light Water™ ATC™ firefighting foam extinguishes today's increasingly large and complex flammable liquid fires. The new formula is called Light Water™ ATC™3 foam and is applied to fires at a 3 percent foam proportioning rate with water. Unlike other foams, Light Water™ ATC™3 foam can be used at its fixed 3 percent concentration on a wide range of flammable liquid fires. Traditionally, firefighters have had to switch foams or equipment settings for different fires.

Many conventional synthetic foams contain solvents regulated under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act listing of materials determined to be hazardous to the environment. Light Water™ ATC™3 foam does not contain any compound that requires reporting under this law.

The first shipments of Light Water™ ATC™3 foam began reaching fire brigades and industrial fire departments last year.