LKJ Series Phosphate Fire-resistant Oil (Sythetic Oil) Purifier

Posted on 5/28/2012

by Colin Zhang ( in Chongqing ,China 

Specially used for rebirth handle of fire-resistant oil used for speed adjustment system of 300 thousand kw and up steam-electric power unit.
In full view of phosphate¨s feature, stainless steel and special seal material were used, which ensures the device well stay with phosphate, no leakage, no eroding, autocontrol, low temperature on-line operation, pure physical purification, no secondary pollution.

1、Adopts stainless and special seal material for ensuring the device well stay with phosphate, no leakage and eroding.
2、In full view of phosphate, low-temperature on-line operation, pure physical purification, no extra damage to oil, the new created absorb-desorption decreases operation cost a great deal.
3、The machine is small, and flexible for being moved, and available for on-line operation as well as off-line operation.
4、With sophisticated functions such as removal of gas and impurity substance, dehydration, deacidification, demulsifying and removal of spume.
5、High automatization. With automatic protection against over pressure and installed magnetic oil level automatic compensator, which releases pressure , stops working, and warns automatically. On-line operates safely and automatically.