Posted on 9/3/1999

by Liz Song ( in MN,United States 


Materials Wanted

#6 Fuel Oil Sludge SW:A06-0702* 950,000 Gallons FL
40# Web Roll Stock (Narrow) SW:A09-0695* 2,750,000 Ft. FL
Acetic Acid 99% SW:A01-0648 110 gallons FL
Acetone SW:A04-0694* 55 Gallons FL
Alumina SW:A10-0692* 20 Tons/Year NC
Aluminum Fluoride SW:A10-0693* 15 Tons NC
Aluminum Oxide SW:A10-0661 3,000,000 Pounds/Month AL
Ammonium Phosphate SW:A03-0663 48,000 pounds per year FL
Amorphous Silica SW:A03-0530 High tonnage FL
Aqua Ammonia SW:A02-0651 1,000 Gallons FL
Aqua Ammonia (30 - 40%) SW:A05-0706* 4,000 Gallons FL
Ash Material SW:A09-0651 50,000 Tons FL, GA, AL
Auto Bumpers - Plastic SW:A07-0640 100,000 pounds FL
Baghouse Dust SW:A13-0653 5,000 Tons/year FL
Bedframes, bikes, appliances,
lawn equipment, barbecues,
SW:A10-0698* Various Amounts FL

Boiler Ash SW:A13-0686* 2 Tons/Day FL
Bulk Bags, New, Used, UN
Approved (for Sale)
SW:A13-0658 Unlimited FL

Bulk Bags, Used (One Metric
Ton Bags)
SW:A13-0631 NA GA

Burlap Bags SW:A08-0689* 1,000 Tons FL
Calcium Carbonate (Lime) SW:A02-0662 500,000 Tons FL, GA, AL
Canvas Roof SW:A11-0676 100,000 sq. ft. FL
Carpet Tile (Used) SW:A11-0643 21,000 yards GA
Caustic Soda - Spent SW:A02-0676 2,000 Tons MO
Chromic Acid SW:A01-0510 3,300 gallons, one time AL
Clothing and shoes SW:A08-0700* Various Amounts FL
Co, Mo, Cr, Cu, Zn Spent
SW:A10-0627 Varies NV

Compost SW:A09-0668 50,000 Tons per year FL
Computers, vacuums, stereo
SW:A12-0699* Various Amounts FL

Concrete Railroad Ties SW:A13-0451 6,000,000 pounds FL
Copier Toner and Developer SW:A13-0632 NA CA
Copper & Iron Hydrazide SW:A10-0657 10 Drums per month NC
Cork SW:A09-0645 885,000 pounds FL
Corrugated Totes for Sale SW:A13-0657 Unlimited FL
Crumb Rubber SW:A07-0544 6,000,000 pounds FL
Electrical light fixtures, ceiling
speakers, and Lamps
SW:A12-0653 Various FL

Electrical Grade Polypropylene SW:A07-0654 4,000 pounds FL
Elemental Sulfur SW:A13-0669 200,000 Pounds FL
Ethyl Alcohol SW:A05-0704* 3,750 Gallons FL
Extruded Plastic Trim SW:A07-0632 300,000 pounds per year NY
Ferrous Chloride SW:A01-0655 1,560,000 gallons AL
Filter Cake SW:A13-0660 729 Tons FL
Fluorescent Lamp Powder SW:A13-0595 50 tons/year FL
Foundry Sand SW:A13-0642 9 Dump Trucks GA
Hardback/paperback books,
SW:A09-0701* Various Amounts FL

HCE Black Liquor SW:A02-0601 100,000 pounds/day FL
Heavy Metal Solids & Solutions SW:A10-0656 Various FL
High Carbon Steel Scrap SW:A10-0656 40 Tons/month NC
Hydrated Lime SW:A02-0587 3 tons per week FL
Hydrochloric Acid SW:A01-0512 12,000,000 gallons TX
Hydrochloric Acid SW:A01-0612 400,000 pounds/year FL
Hydrogen Peroxide SW:A02-0624 55 gallons FL
Ion Exchange Resin SW:A13-0673 Various Amounts IL
Iron Chloride SW:A10-0685* 4,000 Gallons/month FL
Iron Oxide Dust SW:A10-0655 40 Tons/month NC
Iron Pyrite SW:A10-0691* 10 Tons FL
Isopropyl Alcohol SW:A05-0705* 6,250 Gallons FL
Latex Glove Scrap SW:A07-0679 500,000 pounds - one time MS
LDPE Film, PS, PVC SW:A07-0660 Various TN
Lead SW:A10-0696* 3,000 pounds FL
Lead Dross SW:A10-0537 100,000 pounds FL
Leaded Glass SW:A13-0596 NA FL
Lime Mud SW:A02-0618 270,000 cubic yards FL
LRF Dust SW:A10-0654 1,800,000 Pounds/year TX
Metal (Iron) Abrasive Shot/Grit SW:A10-0690* 100 Tons FL
Nickel Solution SW:A10-0630 50,000 pounds/year AL
Nickel, Chrome - Sludge SW:A10-0629 80,000 pounds/year AL
Nylon Carpet - Ground - Used SW:A08-0703* Various Amounts FL
Old Telephone Directories (OTD) SW:A09-0665 13,000 tons per year Southeast
Outdated Hardbound Law SW:A09-0670 4,000 FL
Paint SW:A05-0644 3,000 gallons MA
Pallets SW:A09-0664 6,500 FL
Paper Dust SW:A09-0672 5 Tons per week FL
Phosphoric Acid SW:A01-0675 2,300 Gallons FL
Plastasol (PVC) SW:A07-0683 100,000 pounds per year FL
Plywood Trimmings SW:A09-0687* 20 Tons/Day FL
Polyester Resin SW:A07-0649 34,700 pounds FL
Polyethylene & Polyurethane
Foam, Cellulose Sponge
SW:A07-0661 Various TN

Preferred Antifreeze/Coolant SW:A05-0658 Various Amounts UT
Processed Tire Buffings SW:A07-0543 2,016,000 pounds FL
Reverse Osmosis Membranes SW:A13-0674 Various Amounts IL
Rubber Hose (4" and 6") SW:A07-0664 10,00 feet each per year FL
Salt SW:A03-0667 2,000 Tons per year FL
Saw Dust SW:A09-0665 13,000 Cu. yds/year FL
Saw Dust SW:A09-0688* 3 Tons/Day FL
Scrap Rubber & PVC Belting SW:A07-0682 1,000,000 pounds Southeast
Silver Chloride SW:A10-0652 1,000 Pounds FL
Soda-Lime Glass, Crushed SW:A13-0558 1,500,000 pounds/year FL
Sodium Sulfate SW:A03-0671 100 Tons per month FL
Solid Crab Waste SW:A13-0622 61,500 tons FL
Solidiflex (Calcium Oxide) SW:A02-0633 30 tons FL
Sulfuric Acid SW:A01-0638 80 tons per year KS
Sulfuric Acid (93%) SW:A01-0707* 1,000 Gallons FL
Sulfuric Acid - Surplus SW:A01-0663 135 Gallons FL
Super Agitene-Cleaning
SW:A04-0646 150 gallons FL

Surplus Coatings SW:A13-0709* Various Amounts MI
Synthetic Gypsum SW:A13-0666 50,000 Tons per year FL
Toys, small wares, biketires, SW:A07-0697* Various Amounts FL
Used Gaylord Boxes SW:A09-0708* Various Amounts FL
Used Oil/Fuel Mixed SW:A06-0625 12,000 gallons FL
Water Treating Chemicals SW:A13-0650 45,000 pounds FL
White Toilets SW:A11-0677 75 Units FL
White Wall Hung Sinks SW:A11-0678 100 Units FL
Wood Pallets SW:A09-0659 10,000 per year FL
Wood Pallets & Wood Strips SW:A09-0641 Varies FL
Wood Railroad Ties SW:A09-0450 1,440,000 pounds FL
Zinc Chloride SW:A10-0684* 4,000 Gallons/month FL