turbine lube oil conditioning system

Posted on 1/24/2014
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by Leo Chen (kleanoil.rocky@gmail.com) in Chongqing ,China 

turbine oil conditioner

TYA Series is exclusively created for purifying lubricating oils, such as Engine Oil, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, and so forth.

Great for lubricating oil purification
Eight designs can be obtained to support different stream prices
Repeatedly removes no cost water all the way down to 50 ppm or less
Fluid cleanliness grade (NAS) to six or better
Dual water and particulate removal
Coalescence-separation engineering
Double-infrared fluid amount controller
A trinity of interlocked preventive device
Carbon fiber infrared heating procedure
Automatic back-flushing technique.

This model is customized according on the mother nature of lubricating oils, so it can successfully remove liquid, strong and fuel impurities from applied oil, growing the service life of oil and also the working efficiency of machinery. The recycling procedure also boosts oil top quality and restores the oilís transparency.

The conpacity of this sequence is from 600 to twenty,000 Liter/Hour.

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