transformer insulating oil reclamation systems

Posted on 1/24/2014
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by Leo Chen ( in Chongqing ,China 

transformer oil purification machine

The accountable for the transformer oil purifier must be to remove dissolved water ,gas and mechanical harmful pollutants from insulation oil to deal with to make certain its chastity and improve its insulation property. It's helpful for experience transformer oil treatment around 330kv current changing equipment.

APPLICATION SCOPE : insulation oil


Degasification inadequate fluids and filtration of transformer oil

On-site oil treatment and getting dry electric equipment including transformers

Oil finishing for the electric equipment under vacuum condition

Vacuumize transformer


skid on castors or trailer

Minimum Needs


Before Filtration After filtration

Flow rate 6000

Vacuum system .001

Free air Displacement 1000

Filter elements 1 micron nominal rating

Energy supply 380v /50Hz 3 phase

Optional Add-ons Dielectric strength tester

Spares Filter element

Break Lower Up-to-date with 2.5mm Electrode GAP 25 >50 TO 70

Moisture removal fifty 100 around <5-10
Neutralization value 0.5 <0.1
Gas content <10% <0.1%

The insulating oil purifying system is meant for the regeneration of aged oil in transformers. The aged oil may contain moisture, dissolved gases or air, dust, carbon product due to arcing, rust from drum. These impurities not only reduce the di-electric strength but also induce a considerable ageing of the insulators. The oil purifying system will purify, dry and de-aerate oil so that dielectric strength and insulating properties of oil is restored.

Purifier can also be used for oil transfer from transformer to oil storage tank and vice versa. The vacuum filter unit can also be used for transformer evacuation.

The system consists of Mobile Insulating Oil Purifying plant: This is filtration and vacuum dehydration type purifying plant. Unit shall consist of oil transfer pump, thermostatically controlled heaters, filtration section, vacuum pumps, discharge pump, degassing system, thermometers, pressure / vacuum gauges, flow meter, valves, piping, control panel with required instrumentation and auxiliaries as per standard design of manufacturer for specified oil qualities.

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