TYA Lube Hydraulic Oil Oil Purifier, Oil Filter, Oil Recycling

Posted on 5/16/2013

by Abby Xiao (sales2@topoilpurifier.com) in Chongqing ,China 

Series TYA is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating oils, such as the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil,heat treatment oil and so on. According to the lubricating oil's nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication oil, so guarantee lubricating system of machine to work properly and prolong lifetime of machine.

1. Strong capability of breaking emulsification.
2. The combination of coalescing separation and vacuum dewatering.
3. More Deeply and precisely FH rectangle filtering system.
4. Unique technology with H.P.M high molecule absorption material.

Hydraulic lubricating oil treated by this machine contains so low emulsification value, few water content and impurities that it can be used repeatedly in the highly precise hydraulic lubricating equipment at home and abroad. This series can fast degas, dewater, and remove the impurity and the volatile matter (for example ethyl alcohol, gasoline, ammonia and so on). Enhances the oil quality, restores the lubricating oil viscosity, augments the flash point and improves the operational performance.

Guaranteed the hydraulic system and the dynamic system, the lubrication system normal operation, so the machine is suit for many lines, such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufactures and so on.

Delivery: sea, air, railway
Lead time: 15 days
Price term: FOB Shanghai
Payment term: TT/LC/DA/DP
Minimum order: 1 set
Packing: wooden case
Standards Certificate: CE Certificate ISO9001

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