TY Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier, Oil Filter, Oil Processor

Posted on 5/16/2013

by Abby Xiao (sales2@topoilpurifier.com) in Chongqing ,China 

1.treating the inferior turbine oil2.breaking emulsification effectively3.GB/T9001:2000-ISO9001:20004.can be customized
Series TY vacuum turbine oil filtration is used for power units to treating the inferior turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. The product takes the original nano-molecule purifying technology and gathers the dewater, degas impurities and break emulsification into one body.
1.Taking the advanced nano-molecule purifying technology.
2.Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high-molecule material.
3.Dewatering very effectively with once and for two steps dehydrating methods. It can thoroughly dear away the liquid water, 100% free water and 80% dissolved water.
4.With distinctive removing impurities techniques filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer material, this machine can make the 3equal or surpass 200 and make the cleanness lower grade 6(NAS1638).
5.With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back flushing system.
6.With the advanced dielectric condensation devices.
This machine breaks emulsification thoroughly, and the oil is very difficult to emulsify again after treatment. Its dehydration volume is large and it can absorb water on line.
Technical Parameters
Dimension and weight will be changed with the changing of the technical specification.

Delivery: sea, air, railway
Lead time: 15 days
Price term: FOB Shanghai
Payment term: TT/LC/DA/DP
Minimum order: 1 set
Packing: wooden case
Standards Certificate: CE Certificate ISO9001

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